Sunday, March 03, 2013

Legislators Propose "Breathing Tax" on Bicyclists

Those ever-loony Washington State Legislators in Olympia are at it again.  In order to unearth new sources of tax revenue, Representative Ed Orcutt supports a state law to impose a $25-dollar tax on every new bicycle costing over $500 (need I mention that he is a Republican? I thought not).  This, of course, has caused a stir in biking community, as well as with the public at-large. In response to the claims that bicycles have little impact on streets and also take excess cars off the road, Mr Orcutt said that because carbon dioxide is a greenhouse gas, bicyclists are contributing to global warming and should be taxed accordingly!  I can't believe the complete drooling idiocy of politicians in this country these days, saying things that 10 years ago would have made them a national joke. Why not impose a $5 tax on every pair of new shoes while you're at it? Why should taxpayers have to fund millions for sidewalks for freeloaders who refuse to drive cars?  Of course, car owners wouldn't be adversely affected, as they do very little walking and rarely need new shoes. And the poor can always avoid the tax by buying used shoes at thrift stores!

Source: KING-TV, Seattle. 3/3/13