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Connections Between E.T. Technology, the H-Bomb and Fusion Power?

Part 1: The story of Dr. Hannes Alfven

While reading the so-called Majestic (MJ-12) UFO documents, I came across the name of Hannes Alfven in an alleged CIA report from 1950, titled Analysis of the [censored] Unidentified Lenticular Aerodyne Technology. I had never heard of Alfven before so I did some quick research and learned that 20 years later this electrical engineer won the 1970 Nobel physics prize, at the age of 62. Before receiving the Nobel, he had been for decades considered an unorthodox scientist and found great difficulty in getting his papers published in major science journals. Alfven's vindication in 1970 inspired jealousy in scientists who hitherto had greater academic stature in physics than he.

I'm not a scientist or even close to it, but I'll attempt to describe the discovery in physics for with he won the Nobel. Alfven was the discoverer of the phenomenon of Magnetohydrodynamics, or MHD. In the simplest terms possible, it is the effects of magnetic fields on a rotating conductive liquid or liquid metal (such as mercury, or the liquid iron outer-core of the Earth). In short, such a conductive liquid can actually store energy obtained from induced magnetic fields and use it later - a virtually weightless electric "fuel", when applied to propulsion (of UFOs?). Imagine a theoretical aircraft motor consisting of a torus (donut shaped metal tube) with mercury rotating inside it. Microwave generators or laser beams on the ground would be used to induce magnetic fields into the mercury, adding more potential energy into the system, with the motor acting as a powerful battery to store the energy until needed. In addition, the motor generates its own magnetic field which feeds back into the system, creating a dynamo effect. Theoretically, the resulting ionization of the air surrounding the craft would create enough lift for flight. The plot of Tom Clancy's novel Hunt for Red October revolves around a Russian submarine powered by a similar motor, using liquid helium instead of mercury. For a much more lucid explanation of magnetohydrodynamics, read the wikepedia article on MHD.

The partially censored 1950 CIA report discusses "ULATT Exploitation" - Unidentified Lenticular Aerodyne Technology Transfer Exploitation. In other words, the military and commercial uses of extraterrestrial technological materials which had been recovered by the Army/Air Force. To read the whole report click here. In the "discussion" section it goes into an analysis on the aerodynamics and possible modes of propulsion of the recovered UFOs. It speculated that a type of fusion reaction propulsion using a vortex of liquid acted upon by magnetic fields. In a paragraph near the bottom of the document it mentions Dr Alfven:

(4.) "Dr Hannes Alfven has been consulted due to his work in electrically conductive fluids in magnetic fields. Analysis of the the fusion reactor and the surface tension qualities of the outer skin of the aerodyne suggested that the craft moved through the air by means of [censored]. It is believed that the craft travels through space by means of ionizing plasma and the planet's magnetic lines of force flowing into the atmosphere. This may help explain how the fusion reactor can function in a space environment"

Hannes Alfven, one of the greatest scientists in the field of plasma physics, was born in Sweden in 1908. In 1934 he received his Ph.D from Uppsala University on the thesis of Investigations of the Ultra-Short Magnetic Waves. After several years teaching physics at Uppsala and the Nobel Institute For Physics, he became, in 1940, professor of electromagnetic theory at the Royal Institute of Technology in Stockholm and five years later was promoted to the Chair of Electronics/Plasma Physics. Due to skepticism or lack of understanding on the part of the major science journals, Alfven had few major papers published aside from his landmark 1942 paper on Magnetohydrodynamics in the journal Nature. Despite ridicule from mainstream astrophysicists, most of his early theories on electromagnetism in outer space have since been proven - yet still meeting fierce resistance because of Alfven's (and later plasma physicists') criticisms of Einstein's Special and General Relativity, and for his outspoken views against the Big Bang Theory and Black Holes, based on his plasma cosmological model . To make matters worse, in the eyes of his peers, he thought gravity (as an attracting force only) as being merely a mathematical representation of the the observable universe. The force which mainstream physics dubs "gravity" was to Alfven the physical manifestation of the electromagnetic force, the infinite interactions of attracting/repelling free electrons and ions (plasma) which comprise over 99% of the observable mass in the universe. To put it crudely, according to the plasma cosmological model gravity effects are actually the balancing-out of positive and negative electrical charges - on a Universal scale.

In the late-1940s, according to the previously cited 1950 CIA report, Alfven worked as a consultant to the U.S. Government in the scientific investigation of propulsion units from UFOs recovered by the the Army between 1941 and 1948. In other leaked MJ-12 reports, scientists speculated that the propulsion units generate power from the fusion of hydrogen into helium nuclei, by means of magnetic fields. We'll look much more closely at that subject later.

In 1950 Alfven garnered the attention of astrophysicists with his book Cosmical Electrodynamics. One the tenets of his cosmological model holds that electricity follows the same physical laws in outer space as it does on Earth: If a closed circuit exists, a conductor influenced by a magnetic field will produce an electric current. According to Alfven and plasma theory in general, electric circuits created by plasma/magnetic field interaction pervade the universe, all connecting in a gargantuan web of electrical currents. For a great introduction to plasma physics, visit this site:

Read other "Top Secret Majic" documents at That website is making a serious effort to authenticate all of the supposed leaked majestic documents in its possession. It rates the chance of the 1950 CIA report being authentic as "moderate". Anyone interested in the subject of crashed UFOs and the U.S. military utilization of alien technology will be well-rewarded by visiting the site. The more I read the reports, the more authentic they appear to be, complete with blacked-out sections and stamps and counter-signatures. They are loaded with information not necessarily pertaining to UFOs, merely making oblique references to the subject. The large amount of minutia contained in the reports makes me wonder why a hoaxer would bother including it. He or she would require a vast amount of knowledge in several branches of science, and of politics, military procedure and government document formats to make the reports look real.

Part 2: Timeline of crashed UFO recoveries (1941-1954), based on available MJ-12 documents:

Spring(?), 1941: Cape Girardeau, Missouri...see note below**

Feb. 1942: In a memo from President Roosevelt to General George Marshall, Roosevelt writes of "...finding practical uses for the atomic secrets learned from celestial devices..."

Mar. 1942: Memo from Marshall to Roosevelt: "...It was learned by Army G2 that Rear Admiral Anderson recovered an unidentified airplane off the coast of California with no bearing on conventional explanation... This Headquarters has come to the determination that the mystery airplanes are in fact not earthly and according to secret intelligence sources they are in all probability of interplanetary origin."

Feb. 1944: Memo from Roosevelt to Special Committee on Non-Terrestrial Science and Technology: "...application of non-terrestrial know-how must be utilized to create super weapons of war..."

July 16, 1947: Report from General Nathan Twining to Army-Air Force Headquarters: "As ordered by presidential directive, dated 9 July 1947, preliminary investigation of a recovered "Flying Disc" and remains of a possible second disc, was conducted by the senior staff of this command." Twining then describes in detail the inside of a "flying disc", everything from the typewriter-like keys that control the propulsion system to a 35-foot diameter doughnut shaped one-inch plastic-like tube inside the craft filled with a clear liquid, possibly heavy water (deuterium). He discusses Werner Von Braun's speculation that the craft propels through the atmosphere by ionizing the surrounding air.

July 22, 1947: Report of the Interplanetary Phenomenon Unit: "...two crash sites have been located close to the White Sands Proving Grounds. Site LZ-1 [Landing Zone-1] ...was located approx. 75 miles northwest of the town of Roswell. Site LZ-2 was located approx. 20 miles southeast of the town of Soccoro, at Lat. 33-40-31, Long. 106-28-29..." The report describes "the five bodies recovered from a damaged escape cylinder" at LZ-2..."Several MPs suffered nervous breakdowns and one committed suicide. Ground personnel at Sandia experienced some kind of contamination resulting in the death of 3 technicians"..."The most disturbing aspect was there were other bodies found not far from LZ-1 which looked as if they had been dissected as you would a frog"..."Animal parts were reported found inside the craft at LZ-2".

Sept. 19, 1947: Report of "Project White Hot". "No one, without express permission from the President, may disseminate the information contained in this report or communicate it to any unauthorized person not possessing MAJIC SECURITY CLEARANCE."..."Several bodies were discovered...autopsy information obtained so far suggests that the occupants mimic the features of [orientals?]...the powerplant (severely damaged) [censored] neutronic engine [censored] Heavy water and deuterium (light hydrogen) elements appear to be the primary ignitor. A series of coils and heavy magnets connected to the neutronic engine via an oddly arranged [unreadable] of electrodes appears to be the motive force...The following elements were analyzed and found to exist inside the small neutronic powerplant which was found inside ULAT-1 [Unidentified Lenticular Aerodyne Technology]: (a) UF6 [uranium hexafluoride] in metallic form, (b) hydrogen-fluoride gas, (c) water and uranium tetrafluoride, (d) powdered magnesium and potassium chlorate...(f) U-235 in metallic form...(h) thorium isotope material...(j) plutonium powder." **The report makes an oblique reference of a recovery of a crashed "ULAT" in 1941 which provided scientific information utilized in the Manhattan Project (atomic bomb project). According to and other researchers, this crash recovery probably occurred in Cape Girardeau, Missouri in the spring of that year.


October 30, 1950: Report of CIA Office of Scientific Intelligence: "ULATT - Unidentified Lenticular Aerodyne Technology Transfer Exploitation Program"..."Analysis of the Corona and Oscura Peak, New Mexico Wreckage of Unidentified Lenticular Aerodyne Technology" conjecturing on flight dynamics, power plant and propulsion, construction, avionics and navigation. " methods are unknown at this time", "analysis of the fusion reactor..."..."travels through space by utilizing the ionizing plasma and the planets magnetic lines of force..." "Dr Hannes Alfven has been consulted due to his work in electrically conductive fluids in magnetic fields..."

Summer, 1952: Majestic 12 Fifth Annual Report: "Current studies in other-worldly visitations are in three phases: (a) Technology exploitation, (b) Interplanetary travel, (c) Cultural communication"..."...the ability to reconstruct the technology that may be eons ahead of us, the boost to our current efforts would be incalculable..." In the section called Nuclear Weapons Development, the report infers that MIT, in researching the minaturization of nuclear warheads, has been studying the micro-circuitry recovered from crash UFOs, and that development of similar technology was possible by the end of the decade. The section called Biological Weapons Programs is shocking, if true: "The samples extracted from bodies recovered in New Mexico have yielded new strains of a retro-virus not totally understood, but give promise of the ultimate BW [Biological Warfare] weapon". "...Los Alamos and Oak Ridge...are attempting to duplicate the water drive and plastic core elements found on the engine being kept at HAFB" [Holloman Air Force Base]..."The craft found at site L-2...what remained of the powerplant was examined and determined to be a magnetic drive propulsion powered by a fusion reactor of sorts."..."The second craft that impacted at site L-3...five bodies recovered, two of which were found in a severely damaged escape cylinder, and the remaining three were found some distance from the cylinder. Recovery and autopsy of the occupants are covered in detail in a separate study GRAY SUIT...ULATT EXPLOITATION/MAJESTIC SERIES 4..."..."On 6 December 1950, IPU [Interplanetary Phenomenon Unit] dispatched a scientific team to El Indio/Guerrero on Texas/Mexico border...Teams transport debris to...[Holloman] and AEC Laboratories at Sandia, New Mexico."...

April 1954: MAJESTIC-12 Special Operations Manual: "Extraterrestrial Entities and Technology, Recovery and Disposal". This amazing 32-page illustrated document, set in type, outlines the procedures and goals of the recovery, cleansing of the area, taking inventory, and disposal of a crash site materials. In chapter 4, titled "Receiving and Handling", this document gives crating and un-crating instructions on where you send the parts, or the bodies, and other material.

By 1950 the recovery of propulsion units from crashed UFOs had led to major efforts to develop military and commercial uses of fusion power. A two-prong effort developed in the early-50s: Project Sherwood, a secret military program at Los Alamos to transmute uranium into plutonium and tritium (H-Bomb project), and Project Matterhorn at Princeton University to develop the "stellerator" fusion reactor prototype, under the direction of its inventor, Dr Lyman Spitzer.

CONCLUSION: By now, we can see a definite link between recovered UFO technology and the development of the A-Bomb and H-Bomb, Biological Warfare research, micro-circuitry, plasma energy research, and fusion power. Of course, this conclusion hinges on the veracity of the above quoted MJ-12 documents. As mentioned at the beginning, the documents have been researched for authenticity and the chances are high that some or most of them are copies of actual government reports.

Part 3: Developments in fusion power and plasma physics since 1953:
In the time period of 1950-58, research in fusion power was still highly classified, particularly in Project Sherwood, which focused on nuclear weapons development using magnetic fields to generate hydrogen isotopes for the H-Bomb. Over at Princeton, Project Matterhorn was having less success with Spitzer's "figure-8 donut" Stellarator fusion reactor. By 1953 the Atomic Energy Commission's Director, Lewis Strauss, was nonetheless enthusiastic about the commercial possibilities of generating electricity via fusion power. Thus, Project Matterhorn benefited from increased funding from the government's Atoms For Peace program. Strauss' hopes were way overblown, but it encouraged further research in plasma physics. Project Matterhorn was the beginning of what soon became the Princeton Plasma Physics Laboratory (PPPL), which exists to this day. Since research in fusion power was declassified in 1958, the PPPL has made slow and steady progress in generating electricity with a controlled fusion reactor - their most recent reactor could generate 10 megawatts of electricity. The success of fusion power finally appears to be within reach - thanks in part to E.T.?

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