Wednesday, July 11, 2012

"Flying Saucers" Over Nevada Nuclear Test Site

Nevada Test Site, Operation Tumbler/Snapper, May 1,1952. This clip (in black-and-white) has been used as stock footage in many movies, and I've always wondered about the 4 or more "clouds" on the right side - I've seen many hours of footage from other nuclear tests but have never observed a similar phenomenon. They could be detection devices but they always had them on parachutes, and you can see that the objects are not descending as if on parachutes (see youtube video "Declassified Nuclear Test Film #18 on that subject). How does one explain the cloud-like appearance of the objects, unless the objects were much warmer than the surrounding air, similar to how contrails are created from jet engine exhaust... The streaks of smoke on the left side were left by small rockets, carrying scientific instruments, launched an instant before bomb detonation. If you stop the video randomly you can see other white objects moving so fast that they left streaks of light on the film negative. Others appear as white blobs, very similar in appearance to the group of stationary "clouds" easily visible on the right side of the screen. Of course, many of the "objects" can be attributed to normal wear-and-tear on the film print. Other people have posted videos on this alleged UFO event but this is the best quality footage available.