Newt's War on Janitors

In tonight's Republican debate, Newt Gingrich again took on the huge national disgrace of excessive school janitor wages. At the risk of losing the Republican blue-collar vote (all 442 voters) , Gingrich bravely confronted that "elephant in the room" that consumes the voters thoughts but no-one dares to talk about. I'm referring to the wasting of the cheap manpower of our nation's poor youth by not making them slop out the toilets in their underfunded schools, rather than hiring those lazy government janitors who just lean on their brooms all day and leer at 15-year old schoolgirls. Gingrich claimed that the starting pay for school janitors is double the starting pay for teachers. Of course he didn't bother to mention that he was comparing janitors living in New York City with teachers living in rural Mississippi - assuming that he wasn't just lying his ass off for effect. But giving Newt the benefit of the doubt, and assuming what he said was true, then he should remember the Law of Supply and Demand (or, LSD) that Republicans are so fond of: More people want to be teachers than janitors, so janitors should get paid more since they are more in demand than teachers.