Are Federal Contractors True Capitalists?

All the recent turgid talk about threats to capitalism is getting extremely aggravating - very few people anymore are anti-capitalists. Doesn't about 99% of us want to be rich? That's not possible in a truly socialist system. Or is it? If you're a federal contractor in the United States, you get the best of both worlds and can talk out of both sides of your mouth. These bastards - exemplified by the Koch brothers - use their right-wing loud-mouthed political front men to insult the poor and publicly shout down anybody who criticizes corporate greed. Meanwhile they are receiving 100s of millions or billions of taxpayer money (and paying back little in taxes in return!). Without federal contracts, many of these giant corporations would either go bankrupt or shrink to a fraction of their current size. Since the Supreme Court ruled that corporations have the god-given First Amendment right to contribute money to politicians, these federal contractors turn right around bite the hand that feeds them by giving money to PACs supporting federal candidates who proclaim staunch support for the "producers" of society and make pious pronouncements against the "welfare state", (not including corporate welfare, of course!) Back in April 2011, the Obama administration drafted an Executive Order to require contractors  to publicly disclose contributions in excess of $5,000. By sheer coincidence, the Huffington Post reported today that the recent Omnibus Bill passed by the House contains a provision authorizing the president to issue that same proposed Executive Order. Click here to read that story.