Sunday, April 29, 2012

Drunken Rant: What's the Point of Paying For Cable Anymore?

I'm sick of how cable/satellite TV has been ruined by so-called reality shows. It's bad enough that local free TV is chock-full of that reality garbage, but now virtually all cable channels consist all day marathons of that hokey shit. The History Channel, Discovery, and A & E used to be my favorite cable channels but now look at them: American (nose) Pickers, Ax Men, Swamp People, Storage Wars, ad nauseum. There are literally a hundred of them. All that junk is the same: greedy bastards bragging about how much money they are making - who cares? Or a group of Neandrethals acting-out for the camera, talking about how tough they supposedly are and having fake fights with fellow cast members - wake me when it's over. So what it amounts to is that I'm paying 40 bucks per month for ESPN, CNN and Turner Classic Movies..and 200 channels of fucking horse shit!  

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