Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Lying to Younger Generations About JFK Assassination

As expected, the TV airwaves are being inundated with programs commemorating the 50th anniversary of the murder of President John F. Kennedy. Also as expected, virtually all of them laugh the idea of a conspiracy right out of court.  With most Americans who were around in 1963 now safely dead, and with newer generations who don't remember it or never gave it much thought, the powers-that-be now feel free to whitewash the facts with a broad brush, making bald statements as if they were axiomatic - "The Warren Report is the ultimate authority pertaining to the assassination"..."The Warren Commission was not co-opted by the CIA"..."There's no evidence that Oswald ever worked for the CIA"..."Jack Ruby had nothing to do with the Chicago/Dallas Mafia"..."Ruby murdered Oswald because he felt sorry for Jackie Kennedy"... "There's no evidence that Oswald had ties to the Louisiana Mafia"..."New Orleans' District Attorney Jim Garrison accepted political bribes from the Louisiana Mafia"... "Witnesses who alleged seeing shooters behind the picket fence are mistaken."... "The autopsy photos were not faked"..."Only three shots were fired"..."The police audio of four rifle shots at Dealy Plaza  was actually recorded blocks away from there, two minutes after Kennedy was killed"..."The two policemen who swore in writing that they found a Mauser sniper rifle at the Texas School Book Depository were lying"..."Deaths of eyewitnesses were purely coincidental"..."The ballistic evidence proves that Oswald did it"..."The undamaged bullet found on an empty stretcher at Parkland Hospital is the same bullet that killed Kennedy and severely wounded John Connelly"..."Connelly was mistaken when he swore that he was hit by a different bullet"..."Kennedy's throat wound was caused by a shot from behind"..."Oswald was able to hit Kennedy and/or Connelly twice in three attempts in just 6.5 seconds, using his mail-order bolt-action Italian rifle"..."Oswald had an unobstructed view of Kennedy on Elm Street"

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